Welcome to the official website for BRenBot, a server administration bot for the Renegade FDS.
Key features of BRenBot 1.52
  • Server administration from IRC
  • Optional additonal IRC output channel for public use (Limited information compared to admin channel)
  • Can easily be customised to your preference with a variety of easy to use options
  • A wide range of plugins and addons to add more functionality to your bot
  • Supports both Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Support for SSGM 2.0.2, and all versions of ../contrib/ssaow
  • Developer support for troubleshooting problems via Renegade Forums
  • Map specific options including mine limit, vehicle limit and additional rules
  • And much more... try it out for yourself and see just what it can do!
Recommended Addons
We recommend server owners use BlackIntel's BIATCH, a server side anti-cheat system, on their servers in conjunction with BRenBot's BIATCH plugin. This will help keep your server cheat free by automatically kicking cheaters, and notifying IRC users of suspected cheaters.
The following people have put a lot of time and effort into BRenBot, and without their hard work this bot would not be where it is today. Listed in the order they worked on the bot, from past to present.
  • Blazer
  • Mac
  • Packhunter
  • danpaul88

Thanks also go to the following for their contributions to BRenBot's core and/or plugin development
  • AmunRa
  • v00d00
  • Hex
BRenBot and are copyright 2003-2007 Blackhand Studios. All rights reserved.